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Three businessmen discussing new project at meeting
Three businessmen discussing new project at meeting

Welcome to incredible

No matter which business solution you need me to craft for you, I’ll always start with your customers. What is their experience with your product? Are they having pitfalls, and what can we do to overcome them and eliminate them in the future? We’ll also note what your sales & marketing team are doing right and how we can highlight these stories throughout your customer’s journey.

Businesses won’t benefit from my services if I’m not helping them solve a Problem worth the ROI. Why purchase a “nice to have”, when you can help increase your sales revenue by solving your customer’s real problems?

Once we’ve established the problems your customers are experiencing and you’ve selected the solutions that best fit your business goals, we’ll further tailor them to fit your needs perfectly. Every situation is unique, so why wouldn’t your solutions be anything other than completely custom?


Best Business Practices

We’ll go through the usual business courtesies: If you’re buying flat out – contract, first payment, and project timelines. Or if you have a subscription – paying for your first month. I’ll give you a list of asset & copy requirements typically due a week from our start date.

Identity Deep Dive

We will then dive deep into your branding and atmosphere. You will most likely have some identity assets lying around that office of yours. We’ll use these to build your brand colors, typography, web buttons, and more. Per request, I’ll deliver a simple yet effective 11×17 atmosphere sheet for your team to use around the office to keep consistent with your branding. Design eccentric members will enjoy tints, shades, RGB, CMYK, and Hex codes.

Custom Initial Designs

Once we’ve established your branding system, we jump into your custom solution(s). I’ll gather your copy, assets, stock comps & branding sheet to build your initial design. Clients typically appreciate the revisions alotted in Biz Pro Premium.

Standard jobs will enjoy 1 initial designs each for homepage, shop, and a secondary page. You will be able to visit your development environment at


Initial designs are meant to be rough but provide enough design and layout direction to a clear choice before the heavy lifting is done.

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Once you’ve selected your initial design(s),  I’ll then use the chosen designs as a springboard to craft your perfect solution(s).


Client Hands-On

Web clients will love getting their hands dirty with their new website with Start Right Training Videos. You’ll learn how to

  • Login & edit credentials
  • Create pages
  • Create blog posts
  • Add media and manage your library
  • Create menus
  • Add users and roles
  • And much more!

Unless you’ve paid for web migration/adding content, your team will start adding blog posts and basic pages like “About” and “Terms & Privacy  Policy.” to your website.


Depending on your plan, we’ll go through several iterative revisions to refine your solution and make it masterful.

Custom Upgrades

Elated with the design, navigation, and user experience (for web solutions)? It’s time to turbocharge your solution with the web add-ons your team picked. Like timeouts at the Big Game, you may want to save your revision until the 4th quarter, which is now!

Jedi Ninja in Training

What’s even better? Clients get 70 more videos to show you how to work your upgrades and run your online store.

  • How to edit almost everything (colors, layout, type & elements)
  • How to create a product
  • How to edit SKUs, product images, and inventory
  • How to process an order
  • Viewing sales in Stripe
  • How to issue a refund in under a minute

Quality Assurance

Upon approval, I’ll start tightening up everything and testing your solution against various design, security, speed, and user experience tests.

When everything looks great, we’ll wrap it up and ready your deliverable immediately after confirmation.


If your solution is print, I’ll export Hi-Res PDFs and JPEGs (depending on your plan, PNGs, Ai files, and a zip of the entire working directory including revisions, plus Hi-Res Adobe stock photography for Freelancer plans and up.) All of this will be sent to you through Dropbox.

If your solution is the web. I’ll move your staged website to your server during nonpeak hours and run final tests through Google Webmaster tools to ensure links and sitemaps are updated.

When I say go, you’ll visit your website at the chosen domain and Vala. Exclamation points!!! Your amazing business solution.

Always Improving

Start Right realizes that your business and website will always be growing, which is why I offer security, updates, & maintenance + bug fix monthly packages.

All Biz Pro and Promo Pro plan come with access to the marketing material’s store. Use your credits for anything you need and I’ll get your solution properly spaced and printed. You’ll receive your prints within 5 – 7 business days.

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