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Custom WordPress Web Design

Quick. Edit everything. 40+ training videos.

Unlimited products. Create an order in 45 seconds.

Welcome to the bleeding edge of small business web design. The best custom eCommerce experience available. Add products, take orders with ease, track everything & keep your customers’ credit cards safe. I can set up your server, SSL certificate, domain, hosting, WordPress installation, mobile ready, SEO ready, global branding and store design. All while making the entire end product customizable without touching a single line of code.




Wasting hours trying to change “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Forth of July” on your website. Edit in seconds.

You should be able to make visual changes to your store in seconds. You shouldn’t have to call me to help you edit small things like titles, text, images, and videos. Every store I build comes with a full on drag and drop experience. You’ll be able to click on the pages I’ve designed for you, move things around, change the colors, swap out images and so much more. You can position images and text with precision, and build column based layouts in minutes. Positioning text and images with the WordPress editor is a pain! Beaver Builder‘s front end drag…

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Losing business with ugly, stale, broken DIY website templates? Don’t.

Amazing Custom Design Give your customers a more connected experience that matches your brand with a completely custom design.

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THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to Adding & Editing a WordPress User

Adding a New WordPress user is pretty straightforward. Though, when you look a little deeper, there are a lot of paths. Are you a Super Admin, admin or subscriber? Are you adding users to a regular WordPress install or a WordPress Multisite? What happens if you forget your password? What happens if you can’t access the email your password reset goes to? What emails do they get? Do I have to set a new user’s password? How do you add a user anyway? Below, I’m walking you through it all. Let ‘s get started. Adding a New WordPress User to a…

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Dropping business because your website looks horrible on your customer’s smart phone? Improve.

I know you’re still waking up mentally, so boom, pow, snap – an iPhone commercial (from 2007): The Good Ol’ Days The internet was made to be like the print you read every day. Just in a digital form. With this adoption came fixed widths. Remember tube monitors? Every time these monitors changed sizes, you had to get a web developer to redesign your website to be optimized for these screen sizes. 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1040 etc.. Which of course cost you more money every couple of years. If your business was an early adopter of the internet, you’ve probably paid a minimum of $50,000+ in the last 10 years for…

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Create New Cpanel Account in WHM in 3 Minutes

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Wordpress Plugins vs Custom Code


What’s up, everyone! William Mosley here with another tut for your online business. Someone recently asked me “What are the benefits of using WordPress plugins and templates over raw coding when developing a website?” In today’s Versus, we have WordPress Plugins vs custom code. I’ll go over the Pros and Cons of using pro plugins, templates & custom code. When you should use each. What to use. what plugins I use. And some of the worst cases I’ve experienced by this double-edged sword. Let’s dive in! Recommended: BUILD A WEBSITE from GROUND ZERO Before we begin, you should note that, technically,…

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Benefits & challenges of the PRO CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Being a Creative Director is one of the most amazing positions available in the workforce today. Every project brings a new set of challenges, inspiration, and achievements with it. Every day is ever changing. Set releases, sharpen your skill set and do great things. In this series: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Creative Director we’ll be going over: Benefits & challenges of the PRO CREATIVE DIRECTOR SKILLS you need to become a CREATIVE DIRECTOR! PRO DESIGN GEAR minimalist uses to get it DONE FAST PRINT & FILM GEAR I use for PRO DELIVERABLES Software and Web Services I

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