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An intelligent micro business.

I work an extraordinary 9-5 as Creative Director of New Human, a next gen natural pharmaceutical company. I manage a multi-million dollar eCommerce store and release promotional  bi-quarterly. The best part? The web and modern day business standards allow me to be location independent. It’s easy to say I’m in love with my job and life. I wake early before my 3 sons, Eyden, 3 & King, 2, 1 on the way, and New York queen Laurah crawl out of bed in the morning.

A way for me to give back to the passionate business owners and  hobbyist that rise early not because they have to, but because there’s a burning fire inside that never stops turning out ideas. You’ll find Start Right open from 6am - 8am, Monday through Friday. These aren’t normal business hours for normal people, yet, they’re perfect for those looking for something different, warm & personable.


William Mosley, III

60 N Market Street C200, Asheville, NC 28803



Transfer Master of Arts with teaching certification Entrepreneurship

A.B. Technical Community College, Asheville, NC

Returning Fall 2018. Expected graduation date 2021


Line, color, texture, contrast, alignment, shape, size, value, space, repetition, proximity, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, PHP, OOP SQL, Javascript, Jquery, Git, Github, eCommerce, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Responsive Design, Agile Design, User Experience, Product Photography, Mac OSX, Windows 10 (and legacy), Dreamweaver CC, Adobe Code Edge CC, Fireworks CC, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Repetition, Articulating, Brainstorming, Confidence, Courteous, Listening, Open Minded

Awards & Achievements

Helped generate 1 Million Dollars in online revenue for 2016, helped generate $131,000 in 1 month, Nov 2016, increased sign up conversion by 400% in 1 month of A/B testing and application, Increased mailing list by 30% – New Human

Latest: Helped open a Fill My Cup Cafe, a local cafe, in Asheville, NC. Provided website, marketing materials, uniforms, & menus to help faciliate opening launch – Start Right

Legendary Customer Service Award, Genuine Award, Involved Award, Knowledgeable Award, Considerate Award, Welcoming Award, 100+ 5/5 Customer Voice Surveys – Starbucks

Marketing Advertising Award, Secret Shopper Award in Excellence (x5), Employee of the Month – Zaxby’s

Score of 4 out of 5 on Art A.P. Portfolio – College Board

Fight Against Juvenile Diabetes Award. Employee of the Month – Regal Hollywood Cinemas

Academic Excellence Award – T.C. Roberson High School

First Place Art Award, Second Place Art Award, Honorable Mention Art Award (x2), Excellence in Visual Arts Awards (x2) – Scholastics

Father, Big Brother
& Community

Father to Eyden Ezerah Mosley, 3, & King Elijah Cruz Mosley, 1. Husband to Laura Cruz Mosley

2006 - Present | Graphic Design Mentor, Elizabeth Mosher

Western Carolina University , T.C. Roberson High

2006 - Present | Big brother to 22 foster brothers and sisters

Asheville, NC

2006 - 2007 | Treasurer

National Art Honor Society, Asheville, NC


6am - 8am | M-F

Owner Operated

Start Right, Asheville, NC   |   2010 - Present

Responsibilities: Build completely custom, responsive, visually striking online businesses and eCommerce stores for clients, maintain and update online businesses, monitor analytics, schedule meetings, draft proposals, fulfill contracts, support local businesses

8:30am - 5pm | M-F

Creative Director

New Human, LLC , Brevard, NC   |   2016 - Present

Responsibilities: Manage million dollar web store, handle server processes, generate landing sales pages, run bi quarterly promotional, shoot short video and lessons, create online courses, handle newsletter campaigns of 3000+ subscribers, take tech support calls, trouble shoot software and hardware problems, drive company forward

General Manager & Barista Trainer

Starbucks , Asheville, NC   |   2011 - 2016

Responsibilities: Create uplifting experiences for the people who visit our stores through conversation and confidentiality, orders, inventory, put up truck weekly, manage promotions, create employee schedules, lead meetings, transfer products store to store, train barista's and assistant management.

Web Master & Graphic Designer

King Bio - Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Company 

Asheville, NC   |   2013 - 2015

Responsibilities: Develop responsive online stores, fix bugs & issues, work with copywriters, graphic designers, marketers back end developers, creative directors, business analysts & customer services agents to meet customer, business and technical goals on rapid deadlines.


Eric Toombs, Graphic Designer

513.258.5623 |

King Bio

3 West Side Dr., Asheville, NC 28805

Colleague known four years

Katherine Morosoni, Recruiter

828.242.2555 |

University of Phoenix

30 Town Square Blvd, Asheville, NC

Friend, known seven years

Nicolas Lanahan, Captain

828.545.7672 |

US Army

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Colleague known eleven years

Alec Fehl, Web Developer Professor, Author

828.398.7881 |

A.B. Technical Community College

340 Victoria Road, Asheville, NC 28801

Professor, known five years

Rodney Smith, QA Checker


Wilsonart International Inc

80 L a White Dr, Fletcher, NC 28732

Colleague known twelve years

Nerina Patane, Art Instructor

828.553.2940 |

T.C. Roberson High School

250 Overlook Rd., Asheville, NC 28803

Professor, known twelve years

Reviews & Love

James Werning, Owner - Fox & Fiddle Productions

Will is a Rare Individual who combines the best skills of technology, graphic arts, e-commerce, and common sense. I am thrilled with the site he completed for me ahead of schedule, and at a cost that is extremely affordable.

Jon Ryan - Jon Juicer

Working With Will at Start Right Has Been a Pleasure. He took my vision and conceptualized/materialized it in a very short time frame. The final product exceeded my expectations. I was kept in the loop from start to finish with timely updates. Start Right takes talent, dedication, and professionalism to another level. I will definitely be doing business with Will in the future.

David Santangelo - Shmoo Media

Will built me a fantastic site and was helping me tailor it to my liking every step of the way. He even took me on a tour through the background of the site and set it up in a way that makes it easy for me to go back in and tweak things if necessary. Highly recommended, affordable service for any web needs!!!

Nick Lanahan - Captain, US Army

Definitely the right way to start a company. I couldn't have asked for an easier way to begin my journey as a new business owner!

Emilie Berls, Owner - Hazel Twig Designs

I Did Not Have a Proper Website. What I had before lacked versatility and customization ability. I now have a good website to promote my art...The price was right and I like a positive attitude...This is a newly re-branded and re-directed to day is still being determined, but I expect the site to drive a good number of requests for custom work. It matters because this is a big part of my public image as an artist. The price was right and I like a positive attitude.

Rodney Smith

Very punctual and great quality of work.

Laura Mosley

William is an extraordinary soul. He puts everything his has in his work and loves what he does. Personable and professional. You won't find anyone quite so remarkable.

Jake Farrar - Business Lawyer

Will has done impressive work, and he is ahead of the game with his understanding of the personal touch to doing business. I look forward to having more opportunities to refer clients and contacts to him.

Kim Seigworth

Working with will has been awesome he's a outstanding person all the way around from his home life to his work life. He takes great pride in both.

Zyzxca Vonschondorf, Lil Bit's Boutique & Event Planning

I Wanted Someone Who Was Not Only Knowledgeable and computer savvy, but also personable and responsive. I found that through Start Right. Right away, Will took everything I asked into detail and made me feel confident that I would have a top of the line website and logo design...The logo Will designed draws in my customers; It stands out above and beyond my competitors, and most importantly, it represents who I am and what I do.

Micah Valentine - Mobile Tech

Before Start Right, I didn't have an identity for my startup. Never mind marketing. Start Right gave my company a label and identity. The unique business cards help me close more deals that I wouldn't have if I didn't have them. Save yourself a headache finding someone reputable. You’re looking at it. I’m very impressed with Start Right’s work. Will is a pleasure to work with! He’s very knowledgeable and talented in the areas that matter most to every small business. Branding, marketing and graphic design. Start Right will definitely part of Mobile Tech’s future.

Adriana Lefkowitz, Owner - Insight 2 Your Wellness

Beautiful!! Great job.  I'm well pleased. Thanks. Adriana.

If you need a Custom website or eCommerce store and aren’t comfortable creating one yourself, you’ve come to the right place.If you want a store that’s as easy to manage as your Facebook, you’ve come the right place.

We might not be a perfect match if you need me from 9 - 5. Or in the evenings. I reserve both for New Human and my Family. My websites are setup so you’re able to customize every bit of them without need to know code. I expect you understand and respect these conditions.

OM Sanctuary Website Redesign (Working)

I got an amazing chance to work with Tony Zeoli from Digital Strategy Works on OM Sanctuary’s Website redesign. We’re still adding some final touches, but in short, it’s been an amazing experience.

Oshun Mountain Sanctuary, Inc.

This non-profit organization was formed in 2012 as a response to the increasing number of people of all ages, cultures, and income levels seeking holistic and healthy methods for stress reduction, living in balance, embracing sustainable practices, and bringing inspiration into their personal and professional lives.

We wanted to provide a back end experience the client could manage and a front end experience their audience appreciated.

With Tony’s strategic layouts and content and my expertise at visual design and atmosphere, we were able to deliver a clean, vibrant take for this natural retreat.

Sneak Peak of Drone Footage for Homepage

Chinese Elements 24″ x 36″ Posters Series


SV2 Insight For Counselor & Client Tri Fold 22.5″ x 8.5″ Brochure


Bionetics: The Study of Life – Sharing Balance


Bionetics: The Study of Life – Flower Essence Therapy


Bionetics: A Study of Life: Nutrition & Exercise Flyer


Bionetics: The Study of Life – The Effects of Stress


Bionetics: Study of Life – Balance, Toxicity & Harmony Flyer


Celicore – Activate Healing & Support Stem Cell Production Flyer

New Human wanted to promote their comprehensive Celicore line at the next training at the Hilton.

Revolutionize Your Practice with the SV2.0 Insight Flyer

New Human needed a sales flyer to promote their newest piece of technology, the SV2 Insight.