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Minimalistic Studio

I work from home. I love it that way. I used to rent out an office in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC, but found that I was over complicating my life because it was what was expected. Though the office was elegant and beautiful, it created another space I had to maintain for meetings - even though my house was where I got true work done.

When Minimalism found me, It made me realize that I'd bought a lifestyle that shackled me. Less time with my family, longer commutes, less money in my pocket for what truly mattered. As a step towards simplicity and embracing technology, when I'm not working New Human in the daytime, freelance meetings typically happen over Skype or Facetime in the early mornings or evening. If you're local, we should probably grab a cup of coffee at a cafe.

William Mosley, III | Owner | 828.201.2702 | 6 - 8AM Micro Business? | will@startrighttoday.com | 60 N Market St C200, Asheville, NC 28803