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Cart & Checkout in WooCommerce

On thin ice? Customers’ credit cards in the wide open web? Lock it down.


2 Bil.

Transactions handled by Stripe


Currencies available

Keep Their Cards Safe

Sometimes small business web design is all about the looks. While lacking in security, making you vulnerable to hacker attacks? Have the confidence and peace of mind that credit card theft and fraudulent charges aren’t happening on your watch and website. Start Right uses Stripe, a foundation that handles billions of dollars yearly to deliver a secure eCommerce experience in over 135 currencies.

Security is so important. When your customers visit your website, they’re trusting that you’ll keep their information safe. They’re trusting that their credit cards aren’t written down on a notepad somewhere in back-office. Ensure that you’re taking every precaution to limit your liability and keep their information safe with Stripe.


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