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Fall Promotion, Awesome Amazing Launch, FallConf, Mocha Magic!
To provide and experience through food that is prepared in front of the client using fresh ingredients, all while allowing the client to relax and unwind so he/she can spend time doing other things with their family or anything else they may want or need to do.

Who’s the right customer(s)?

3-5 sentences
Website, Business cards, Flyers, Word of mouth, etc

How do you create your product? In 10 Steps.

E.g. Photographer’s photoshoot - 1 Hi Res Headshot, 4 Hi Res Body Shots, B&W, etc.

List all of the services/products you can offer right now

Some things this product will need to do (Your customer beliefs)

What partners will we involve in this project? Why?

How will we share revenue between partners

Your Business

Startup Expenses

10 Steps to Execution

This is the process as outlined for the customer.

Next actions

What do you need to do next to get yourself moving forward?

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