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Benefits & challenges of the PRO CREATIVE DIRECTOR


Being a Creative Director is one of the most amazing positions available in the workforce today. Every project brings a new set of challenges, inspiration, and achievements with it. Every day is ever changing. Set releases, sharpen your skill set and do great things.

In this series: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Creative Director we’ll be going over:

  1. Benefits & challenges of the PRO CREATIVE DIRECTOR
  2. SKILLS you need to become a CREATIVE DIRECTOR!
  3. PRO DESIGN GEAR minimalist uses to get it DONE FAST
  5. Software and Web Services I Use to Get the Job Done Fast
  6. Keeping Your Sanity with Releases
  7. Turning Ridiculously Long Todo Lists into Regular Goal Orentied Releases
  8. How To Flip Roadmap Todos into a Release
  9. Turning a Release in to Actionable Sprints

So let’s start with the Pros of being a Creative Director. First and foremost is the permission and freedom to use your right brain every day of your life. There are some many jobs where you’re just a tool, a machine in the system. Doing the exact same thing every single day with no variation or encouragement to do beautiful things. When you’re a Creative Director – whether you’re a one-man team or have several others under you that you lead, you’re always striving to meet customer needs with new and inspiring releases.

As a Creative Director, I build websites.

Location independent. Oh yes!!! Delivering assets that can be created digitally and pushed to the printers and operating main functions for the business from your MacBook without ever having to waste your time in 5 o clock traffic is perfect. Though not every day is like this, most are. I work Monday and Wednesday in office (1 hour away) – which are typically:

  • Team Meetings
  • New Release schedule and deadlines
  • Catching up with team members
  • Training new team members
  • Handling physical tasks required in office
  • Photo or Video Shoots
  • Physical proofing with Joda
  • And presentations for new improvements

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays are spent at home with my family where I get my real heavy work done:


  • Building promotional
  • Designing new deliverables (Flyers, brochures, etc)
  • Newletters for releases
  • Coding and building new features for our eCommerce store
  • Maintaining security
  • Updates and bug fixes for our store
  • New branding assets
  • Product and label design
  • Answering questions for team members
  • Project management
  • And a million other random things that come up on a day to day basis.

As a Creative Director, I design flyers.

Though I hate the 1-hour drive to and fro, it’s the perfect balance of Manager time and Worker time. A lot of times if you’re always in office grows and you never get anything done. Being surrounded by the people you love makes all of the difference required to be a Creative Director.

There are many more benefits to being a Creative Director such as:

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As a Creative Director, I help improve branding.

My 9 – 5. The New Human. A multi-million dollar eCommerce website I manage.

Challenges of Being a Creative Director

It’s not all cupcakes and sprinkles with the responsibilities of a Creative Director either. And you shouldn’t take on the title unless you can confidently say you are well versed in the following:

As a Creative Director, I design business cards.

Business Cards

A Master of All

As you can see, many of these skillsets are those that are entire job positions. The main duties of a Creative Director are to know how to work with the Sales Department, Marketing Department, Production Department & Customers and be able to continuously improve aspects for each segment.

You’ll constantly get requests from each and it’s your job to understand what the most pressing needs are, how to table quests that are for the wish list, and keep up with everyone’s requests as the months fly by.

You need to master many skillsets as a Creative Director

The Stress of a Creative Director

You’ll also need to be able to achieve most of the needs yourself while delegating (if you’re fortunate enough to have a web developer, copywriter, graphic designer, and film/photography major underneath you – most times you don’t) other tasks to the appropriate person for the job.

This is where the cupcakes get smooshed. It’s far from easy to be able to “know” everything and achieve everyone’s needs on ASAP every day. You’ll stress yourself out and look at your tasks list as it grows and grows while the countdown keeps coming. It’s up to you figure out a system that works and educate yourself so you can be a successful Creative Director.

I’ll answer the question how to Become a Creative Director next? If you ever have questions or need help, shoot me an email at will@startrighttoday.com. Until next time!

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